What Is The True Meaning Of Sin Simplified


What is the true meaning of sin simplified.

Sin is usually used in a religious context though the understanding need not be so. This is not to put down another and so that is why we must be careful.

Let us put it all together in a larger vision so that we can obtain a larger understanding. Here we are providing space for the souls development and fulfillment. We are all given life and so how much of it do we truly take responsibility for. Things happen in life and if we do not get caught up in the things, we can quickly change ourselves and therefor let the things change. That is why this understanding is so powerful and being given out for "free".

Before going too deep into any discussion it is important to go into understanding the nature of reality. Otherwise would one not be operating from a faulty assumption about life and base their decisions upon false information? We are all on our own healing journey and so it is up to us to learn and expand our consciousness and awareness. It is up to use to cleanse and purify our hearts.

So often the word sin contains so many assumptions and emotions that it may be difficult to find. And so, let us simplify it out of any context at all, just in the rawest form possible.

To sin is to try and impress another and can cause a lot of harm if unresolved for too long.