See Yourself Out of Entanglement Now

See Your Way Out of Anything Holding You Back

Clear your way, clear yourself. Clear all obstacles that may arise in your path, rise higher. Reach that higherness inside yourself and root, root, root.

Life is always renewing itself through form. Movement is a basis of life and sometimes as humans, we may act stuck. The power inside of us is that we can change with our thought. This is what some say is the greatest discovery of man so far. And there are a lot of great discoveries so far. That is part of what inspires me is looking at past accomplishments and achievements as a sign of something we are all capable of doing. The study of great men and women has brought me to such an inspired point along with my own healing journey. Life teaches us many things and one of those is when to slow down. Sometimes we can be going through life at such a fast pace that our habits could be creating harm and that will only come back. So, life sometimes is very gentle and gives us hints and suggestions sometimes before we cause too much harm. And the thing about it is that its not to put us down and limit ourselves in this moment. Because this moment is all that we truly have.

So, what is really important? Sometimes we may hold on to trivial matters because we are trying to act a certain way to express certain emotions such as frustration or disappointment of another. When at the end of the day, who is the only one we can have emotions towards? It may be easy or even habit to put our emotions on another though when we do, we could be creating certain attachments and entanglements with each other, expecting from another. When the question is, what are our own expectations of ourselves. This is the only thing that matters in your life, is your business. And as you take care of your business, you can run a great business and have a ball.

Part of the healing journey is maturing and constantly growing in some way. That may be inside and or externally. We go through different phases as humans and change our aim, focus, values in life through different phases. Our brain develops and we are able to build more complex and strengthen neurological pathways to make sound decisions in life. We learn through experience and we can learn through others experiences as we open ourselves up and get out of our own head. In some ways, you could say that we have major transformations in life like puberty. A lot of things change through such transformations, so much so, that one could say everything.

So the first stages of the healing journey is starting to create a larger vision for yourself and others. Here at The Temple, we inspire health, wealth, prosperity, and well-being for all. So, we want to without holding on, to inspire others to aim for greater levels of these things in their life. For health is the greatest wealth and when we are all healthy, that is incredible wealth and joy shared. Sign me up.