Reclaiming Your Power as A Holistic Being

There Is A Great Power Within Life Itself.

Our experience shows us that we have great powers. Looking at our history, we have overcome improbable odds. Through many different cycles and changes, here we stand. And this point is the main point. This is where spiritual practices and cultures lead, this moment. First we have to acknowledge many things that we may not have wanted to. It helps to be gentle with ourselves because we have been taught so many things already. Our history may help us understand how we got here though we can use it to change our ways for the better instead of allowing history to repeat itself.

This pointing has helped me overcome very dark times in my life. Even when it might have seemed that there was no hope, it helped nurture hope inside of me. We all go through dark times where we do not know how it will play out. In this society, we have created money as a means of living and so it can seem hopeless to make due with life at times. We may begin to worry how we will fulfill our promises. Maybe there is a health experience that makes it seem more difficult to know what will happen. Our life can change in the blink of an eye and at the end of the day, we all must lay our heads down at night. Our bodies only temporarily house us.

Be Here Now.

The fact is that you are here because you feel something, you feel that there is more than what has been shown. The story is not over yet, it is being written as we speak. There is an understanding of what has happen without attachment. There is an understanding of what has been shown without judgement. This is when we truly step inside ourselves and create that sacred space where we create from the now. As holistic beings we are co-creators and so there is a point where we ask ourselves what are we creating? As we purify ourselves, we can better position our light for the highest good.

This is the beginning of our healing journey. We are only asked to take one step at a time while never giving up. In the beginning it may seem many things as we have lived in darkness of ourselves for so long. The beginning process is facing ourselves and what we have done without judgement. It is time to truly forgive ourselves and make a better resolution inside. Transformation starts now so what are you doing? Where are you?