Introducing The Temples first audio meditation, The 21 Minute Meditation.

The 21 Minute Meditation Audio Training

Healing Holistic Being Temple Audio Meditation Training Presents The 21 Minute Meditation. Please use this audio training with headphones in a space you feel safe and undisturbed in.

Audio Meditation Training for the highest good in all.

There are many blessings and tools in today's world. Learn on how to use everything to help in enhancing your well being. Look inside yourself for your healing journey and to bring back the wholeness from within. Peace comes from within and will never leave you. This audio meditation can be used by everyone. Use this audio training for at least 16 days and record the changes in your daily journal.

About Master Shane

Master Shane has been seeking the peace and knowledge within for over 10 years now. Through his extensive self study and search, he is here sharing to help others deepen their own sense of peace, well being, and access to self knowledge.