“How Are You Enhancing Your Heart Energy Today?” Master Shane

Enhance Your Heart Energy Today.

Today is the day to let your heart shine. What are you doing to enhance your heart energy today? There is no wrong answer, your answer is your answer. Learn to find your answer on your healing journey within and become the answer in your life.
As we are all on our own healing journey within, it is up to us to truly light our hearts and light our world. It may seem daunting to look inside and face all of the hidden and trapped emotions, though emotions they are. And as emotions, they are made to move, to flow, like the pictures of a motion picture, or movie. It may even become habit to look at others without thinking and so, one may find themselves faced with the effects of that without realizing. How do we go back? How do we go back home to understand what we are doing in life so that we can change, if we need to change? These are questions to help open up the heart. To enhance your own heart energy. What are some things that you do to enhance your heart energy? What are you doing today to enhance your heart energy?

About Master Shane

Master Shane has been seeking the peace and knowledge within for over 10 years now. Through his extensive self study and search, he is here sharing to help others deepen their own sense of peace and well-being, and access to own self knowledge.