Fire Your Dreams Up Embrace Your Genius Episode 5

Fire Your Dreams Up

Embrace your genius, fuel your creativity to bring forth love and solutions in your life. Become the joy and growth within.

The new podcast Embrace Your Genius!

Learn to bring forth your creativity for love and solutions in your life.

Support and nourish your ability to be creative and visionary.

Operate from pure imagination and develop the commitment to make things happen.

See Yourself Out of Entanglement Now

See Your Way Out of Anything Holding You Back

Clear your way, clear yourself. Clear all obstacles that may arise in your path, rise higher. Reach that higherness inside yourself and root, root, root.

Life is always renewing itself through form. Movement is a basis of life and sometimes as humans, we may act stuck. The power inside of us is that we can change with our thought. This is what some say is the greatest discovery of man so far. And there are a lot of great discoveries so far. That is part of what inspires me is looking at past accomplishments and achievements as a sign of something we are all capable of doing. The study of great men and women has brought me to such an inspired point along with my own healing journey. Life teaches us many things and one of those is when to slow down. Sometimes we can be going through life at such a fast pace that our habits could be creating harm and that will only come back. So, life sometimes is very gentle and gives us hints and suggestions sometimes before we cause too much harm. And the thing about it is that its not to put us down and limit ourselves in this moment. Because this moment is all that we truly have.

So, what is really important? Sometimes we may hold on to trivial matters because we are trying to act a certain way to express certain emotions such as frustration or disappointment of another. When at the end of the day, who is the only one we can have emotions towards? It may be easy or even habit to put our emotions on another though when we do, we could be creating certain attachments and entanglements with each other, expecting from another. When the question is, what are our own expectations of ourselves. This is the only thing that matters in your life, is your business. And as you take care of your business, you can run a great business and have a ball.

Part of the healing journey is maturing and constantly growing in some way. That may be inside and or externally. We go through different phases as humans and change our aim, focus, values in life through different phases. Our brain develops and we are able to build more complex and strengthen neurological pathways to make sound decisions in life. We learn through experience and we can learn through others experiences as we open ourselves up and get out of our own head. In some ways, you could say that we have major transformations in life like puberty. A lot of things change through such transformations, so much so, that one could say everything.

So the first stages of the healing journey is starting to create a larger vision for yourself and others. Here at The Temple, we inspire health, wealth, prosperity, and well-being for all. So, we want to without holding on, to inspire others to aim for greater levels of these things in their life. For health is the greatest wealth and when we are all healthy, that is incredible wealth and joy shared. Sign me up.

What Are You Capable of Doing Today?

What Can You Do Today,

That you have yet to accomplish?

This is a basic in coaching and self-development that we teach foundational frameworks that affirm the truth or reality. This is not to impress or try to prove anything to anybody. We say that we are all on our own healing journey as growth is our choice in life. In nature, it seems that life is about growth and so, how are we learning in life? Where are you in your healing journey? This is not to put yourself down, to help with proper identification for growth. There are a lot of things that we can consume and learn in life though the question is, are they true? How true? Not to judge or try to put down another, to help us on our healing journey of understanding, peace and trust within. Things happen in life, and they can be sticky to the mind. So, an interesting question is, what can on do in terms of letting go?

What kind of energy healing are you capable of today? What type of hugs and inspiring conversations can you have without dragging on? How much clarity can one build in their life? What is one to do with their time? There are so many good questions we can ask ourselves and so we provide starting points for everyone for growth. We can either focus on the pain or the growth, in which case we need light so we need to focus on the light if we want growth.

Appearances are appearances and things may not appear as what they truly are inside. One can get lost in appearances if too unaware. Properly identifying where, one is in their life is the first step without judgement. So, how does one get out of judgement so that they can properly identify where they are in life? That is why we ask, what are you capable of today, in terms of health and well being.

What do we really need to do in life? Well, first we need to live, right? Is that not what life is, to live? And so, how does one live? Now that question is for each of us to answer in our own way. And that makes life very fun and interesting when you really look at it. So what are you capable of doing today in terms of expanding your vision, perceptive and awareness? Could it be possible that your awareness has expanded by reading this article?

“How Are You Enhancing Your Heart Energy Today?” Master Shane

Enhance Your Heart Energy Today.

Today is the day to let your heart shine. What are you doing to enhance your heart energy today? There is no wrong answer, your answer is your answer. Learn to find your answer on your healing journey within and become the answer in your life.
As we are all on our own healing journey within, it is up to us to truly light our hearts and light our world. It may seem daunting to look inside and face all of the hidden and trapped emotions, though emotions they are. And as emotions, they are made to move, to flow, like the pictures of a motion picture, or movie. It may even become habit to look at others without thinking and so, one may find themselves faced with the effects of that without realizing. How do we go back? How do we go back home to understand what we are doing in life so that we can change, if we need to change? These are questions to help open up the heart. To enhance your own heart energy. What are some things that you do to enhance your heart energy? What are you doing today to enhance your heart energy?

About Master Shane

Master Shane has been seeking the peace and knowledge within for over 10 years now. Through his extensive self study and search, he is here sharing to help others deepen their own sense of peace and well-being, and access to own self knowledge.

Is Meditation Right for You? Master Shane with Healing Holistic Being Temple.

Is Meditation Right for You?

Master Shane with Healing Holistic Being Temple sharing an understanding to help aid in one realizing the importance and relevance of meditation in ones life. For we are all truly meditating as life is a meditation in itself. Open yourself up to the true understanding inside yourself.

About Master Shane

Master Shane has been seeking the peace and knowledge within for over 10 years now. Through his extensive self study and search, he is here sharing to help others deepen their own sense of peace and well-being, and access to own self knowledge.

Introducing The Temples first audio meditation, The 21 Minute Meditation.

The 21 Minute Meditation Audio Training

Healing Holistic Being Temple Audio Meditation Training Presents The 21 Minute Meditation. Please use this audio training with headphones in a space you feel safe and undisturbed in.

Audio Meditation Training for the highest good in all.

There are many blessings and tools in today's world. Learn on how to use everything to help in enhancing your well being. Look inside yourself for your healing journey and to bring back the wholeness from within. Peace comes from within and will never leave you. This audio meditation can be used by everyone. Use this audio training for at least 16 days and record the changes in your daily journal.

About Master Shane

Master Shane has been seeking the peace and knowledge within for over 10 years now. Through his extensive self study and search, he is here sharing to help others deepen their own sense of peace, well being, and access to self knowledge.


What Is The True Meaning Of Sin Simplified


What is the true meaning of sin simplified.

Sin is usually used in a religious context though the understanding need not be so. This is not to put down another and so that is why we must be careful.

Let us put it all together in a larger vision so that we can obtain a larger understanding. Here we are providing space for the souls development and fulfillment. We are all given life and so how much of it do we truly take responsibility for. Things happen in life and if we do not get caught up in the things, we can quickly change ourselves and therefor let the things change. That is why this understanding is so powerful and being given out for "free".

Before going too deep into any discussion it is important to go into understanding the nature of reality. Otherwise would one not be operating from a faulty assumption about life and base their decisions upon false information? We are all on our own healing journey and so it is up to us to learn and expand our consciousness and awareness. It is up to use to cleanse and purify our hearts.

So often the word sin contains so many assumptions and emotions that it may be difficult to find. And so, let us simplify it out of any context at all, just in the rawest form possible.

To sin is to try and impress another and can cause a lot of harm if unresolved for too long.

The 21 Point Meditation™ Weekend Retreat in Green Bay, Wisconsin.


The 21 Point Meditation ™  Weekend Retreat with Master Shane 


Meditation is a practice where an individual trains their attention and expands their awareness. This practice helps them achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state inside themselves. The 21 Point Meditation ™ technique is a new universal method that is not based in any particular religion or belief. It is a technique that everybody can use to resolve past traumatic experiences to gain a more clear mind and vision. To deepen their spiritual belief inside themselves and expand their awareness and understanding beyond the physical. This is for everyone regardless of experience and skill as it is all about you. Openness, willingness and honesty are the requirements.  


As we learn by repetition, this weekend retreat is the perfect opportunity for anyone to immerse themselves into this technique for true change. This is for those ready and willing to look and become aware of what is going on inside of themselves for complete resolution of the past and actualization of their potential. 

Sacred and safe space will be created to support healing and the individual to open their heart and allow self love into their life. 


This weekend retreat is currently being facilitated at The Healing Holistic Being Temple in Green Bay, Wisconsin in The United States of America. We meet Friday at 7 pm until 9 pm for the welcoming and opening. It heats up Saturday at 12 pm until 5 pm and Sunday at 12 pm until 4 pm. The cost for a weekend is $169. To ensure the most affordable price point, no meals, transportation, or lodging will be included in that price. The weekend retreat is being offered every non holiday weekend until further notice. Master Shane will provide a private 10 minute session for each individual that attends the weekend retreat. The fee for the week's meditation class will be waived for each student who attends the weekend retreat that week. Meditation class is on Tuesday and Thursday nights.


All students must wear the uniform or all white sweatpants and a t-shirt. There may not be any brand or wording on clothing besides the uniform. We are all one on this floor. All jewelry, necklaces, watches, shoes, and anything else besides wedding rings must be removed before hand and during class. Uniforms are given out for a $10 per week usage and cleaning fee. Those who attend the weekend retreat and book a private session will receive a uniform at no cost to take care of for themselves (own). 

Upon fulfillment of the weekend retreat a certification of completion will be awarded. This does not mean that you can teach The 21 Point Meditation ™ Technique but that you have completed basic training. Master Shane is the only certified teacher of this method. 

What Is A Spiritual Practice?

To Inspire is to practice spirituality.

True success is the movement from failure to failure, without losing enthusiasm. Man has demonstrated time and time again that there is something deeper within him or her. That there is a spirit that transpires motivation and drive.

Spiritual Development

Practicing leads to development and so as we practice the deeper spiritual aspects of life, our understanding and development follows. It is one thing to be fed by food as a physical substance and another to be fed by spirit and inspiration.

What Is Energy Healing?

An Ancient Art Revitalized.

Energy healing has been around for many many years. In today's world, science seems to be the de facto nature of reality when its a working theory of perception. Healing Holistic Being is to help deepen and make healing knowledge more accessible for those who truly seek it. As there is more than meets the human eye of perception in life, energy healing embraces a broad perceptive and working of reality.

The Basis of Reality

As science shows at this point, everything is energy. It is the basis and framework for personal reality we call life and this world. Healing looks to restore harmony and balance as life renews itself. In this sense, energy healing looks to restore the basis of life. There are many things we are learning that affect each other like our environment outside and inside ourselves.