Heal Thy Self

Heal Thy World

A New Chapter

It is time for a new chapter. is on a mission to learn and share the whole essences within the being itself. It is time to embrace and open ourselves up to more of who we are and what we are capable of doing. There are many aspects of our being that are beyond what the eye can see.

Master Shane has been on his healing journey for over 10 years and it is time that he opens up even more to learn and share with others. It is our responsibility to feel good and be the blessing that we are here. Through our journey here, we have so much power and choice inside of us that we can consume and create emotions and thoughts that only serve for a short time for form is impermanent. Life comes into form and there is some stickiness with experiences in the mind. 

There is a part of the unknown in life and it is our journey to build the trust and faith inside ourselves. We are loved beyond measure and not here to withhold or make demands of the love that flows through us. When we do, we cut ourselves off from receiving parts of the whole. Healing is about making all parts whole as they truly are so that we can live in peace and joy. Holistic Being is a broader understanding of ourselves to help and aid the opening of our minds so that we may live more fully.


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