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Spiritual Enrichment for all

Healing is a personal journey.

We are all guiding each other home.


Are you open and willing to enhance your personal spiritual practice?

In a world of information, it can be easy to think that one knows it all. Though, in reality, everything is easy that is made easy. This is not a space to prove anything or try to be something it is not. This is a space for healing and finding the peace within that will never leave. This is a sharing from the heart for healing any experienced suffering. It is not to justify any suffering but to help in a way out of it. To bring forth understanding from within that one may call self knowledge. The point of power is now and so what we do now is what matters. This is a space to help clear the non sense and help with clarity and trusting within. So as we seek to provide a healing space for all, there is a part of holding the peace and not allowing non sense in. To keep a clean mirror and hold the light, we must learn to take care of our emotions. This is a great teaching provided through Healing Holistic Being Temple.

Audio Meditation Training:

Tools to help you

Deepen Your Sense of

Peace and Well-Being

Audio Meditation Training for All on a donation based service. Train with this audio for at least 16 days and record the changes. Give back and support when you can. Tools to help others reach that point inside where they can give back and make their contributions.

Receive Complementary Healing Services,

Each individual may receive one free prayer request.

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Please provide name and a brief summary of what you feel that you are going through in 3 to 7 sentences. We will receive your request and provide our healing services. You will be given a time to sit or lay to receive your complementary Energetic Light Infusion.

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We are not doctors nor claim to be. These services are to be used with the care of your medical services.

The Power in You


Self Manifestation - 7 day Course

Here is a journey into understanding the importance of ones approach in life and how to better position oneself in life as a holistic being. If you feel stuck, this is the course for you. Take some time to go inside and empower yourself with the highest light. This is a general course that opens up many door ways into deeper understanding of specific experiences in life.

Meditate & Blossom


Now is a new chapter in self manifestation. As we better understand ourselves as a holistic being, we can better navigate ourselves through space/time.

As we look inside ourselves and heal those aspects whole, our life experience becomes holy as it truly is.


May your body be your holy temple.

May your mind be rooted in peace.

May your soul soar unbounded.

From Stars, To Stars.


Looking for more in life?

Life is more than physical and so there is a deeper thirst in man than just a meal can afford.